What lies under the skin, flesh or plastic

by Alesia Cîdă

My spiky, beautiful, colourful fruit Kiwano has been well packaged and displayed for sale. It’s been purchased and taken home and stored in the fridge. Although it’s been labelled as ‘organic’, Kiwano’s 90% plastic being left with little fruit to consume. Slowly, Kiwano’s colourful surface is getting covered by white, fluffy mold. It’s been properly packaged so as to not arrive damaged to it’s consumer, yet now it will be thrown away in that same plastic that was supposed to protect it. Kiwano is made from my own single use plastic trash gathered and documented in a month. 

Alesia Cîdă is studying fashion at London College of Fashion. Her practice is not limited to fashion design, including various other media such as collage, drawing, textile manipulation, 3d modeling, all on a resourceful basis.